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About Masonry Mailbox

Some information about various types of mailboxes we install & repair

I’ve been in the Masonry business for over 30 years, With experience in Commercial, Residential, & Retail. I have worked in Tulsa & the surrounding areas as a second generation mason my entire life, as well as other states. I’m experienced in all types of masonry. Brick, Block, Stone, Manufactured Stone, Tile, Glass Block, Pavers. Just about anything to do with masonry. I take pride in my work & craftsmanship. I come from a family of masons & really enjoy building things. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to work on your project.
– William Wendland Jr.

Stone & Brick Mailbox with Planters | Brick Style: Castle Brook - Boral/Meridian Brick | Stone Style: Building Stone

If you are wanting a mailbox with big curb appeal, a mailbox like this Stone & Brick combination Mailbox is nearly 5FT tall with a footprint of 72″ x 24″. The mailbox itself is a large steel box with magnetic latch. The brick style is “Castle Brook” from Boral / Meridian. The Stone is a Building Limestone with standard gray mortar. The cap is a brick rowlock with end pieces to conceal the brick holes. With added planters on each side, this is so much more then just a mailbox.

Brick Mailbox Fish Large Mouth Bass | Brick Style: Burgundy - Acme Brick

A custom mailbox can be a perfect conversation piece for your lake house, cabin, or even your home. This a Large Mouth Bass Mailbox with a brick base. It is mounted on a 4x8x16 solid block, and the mounting anchors are capped with brick for security. The brick used on this mailbox is called Burgundy from Acme brick.

Brick Mailbox Narrow | Brick Style: Buffalo Springs - Acme Brick

If you are looking to keep a low profile, or space is a concern. This is a narrow brick mailbox that measures only 13″ wide. With a standard sized steel mailbox it’s a perfect space saver, yet still sports a beautiful masonry mailbox. Brick used is Buffalo Springs from Acme Brick.

Brick Mailbox with round top | Brick Style: Aztec Blend - Boral/Meridian Brick

A Standard 24″ x 24″ Brick Mailbox with a round top, and is an acceptable mailbox for most Home Owners Associations, and City Ordinances. The brick used is Aztec Blend from Meridian brick.

Brick Mailbox with Stone Cap Stone Accent Address Block 32x32

Go bold with a 32″ x 32″ brick mailbox with a stone top, and stone accents. With a cast stone address block your place will be easy to find. This mailbox was transformed from a round brick top, to a flat stone top. A steel mailbox insert was replaced as well.

Mailbox Security Locking Steel Post

Keep your mail secure while still being road safe. This is a steel locking security mailbox which meets USPS, AASHTO, ODOT Mailbox Installation Specification. Perfect mailbox for highway, high speed roads, or where these specifications are applicable

Brick Mailbox with round top | Brick Style: Castle Brook - Boral/Meridian Brick
Brick Mailbox round top masonry | Brick style: Royal Burgundy - Acme Brick
Stone Mailbox Mud Cap | Stone Style: Building Stone - Rosser Stone

This page is a work in progress, I will update it periodically with more information, and photos.
Thanks. William